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    Duffel bag and sports bag set
    Cosmetic and toiletry bag
    Cooler bag and bottle bag
    Fashion lady bag
    recycle shopping bag
    Beach bag and shopping bag
    Luggage and Trolley
    Lap top bag and brief case
    Backpack and school bag
    Jichuan Bag
        ShangHai Jichuan Import and Export Co.,Ltd specialize in manufacturing many kinds of bags, such as travel bags, backpacks, school bags, non-woven bags, computer bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, cooler bags, wallets, toiletry bags and promotional bags. All of our products are beautifully designed and manufactured with good quality materials, such as polyester fabric, nylon fabric, canvas, cotton fabric, microfiber fabric and other quality materials
        Our main market are Europe, including Germany/Spain/Italy/Belgium, Germany is the largest we do. "High quality, competitive price, timely delivery" is our business principle. Avon, Coca-Cola, Douglas and Aldi have sourced products from us...
        We also can meet the REACH 15 items testing
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